Monday, 3 September 2007

The Morning after the morning after...

Well here I am and it's Monday. I still feel absolutely exhausted after our absolute marathon of a Saturday night. We had a wedding booked at the restaurant, they were arriving at 7, dining at 8. Yes well as these things go we were serving entrees at 9 and so you can see the picture. It was a late one, but for some reason it was also a frenetic one. I felt like I spent equal amount of time washing dishes as I did in the restaurant, actually no that would be more time.
Then when it was over there was mammoth glass polishing, dish washing,linen folding etc etc. But I think what finally did me in was that here we were at around 2am moving heavy tables from storage back into the restaurant so we could set-up and leave the restaurant ready for tonight.
Don't get me wrong, I love this restaurant and this job but my body just doesn't cope with a 3.45am finish, running continuously from 6pm till finish just isn't as easy as it used to be.Which brings me to whats on my mind today: It's hard to realise that you are no longer "ten foot tall and bullet proof", it's hard to accept that I am not just going to recover after a decent sleep like I used to. It drives me nuts to know that I shouldn't be putting myself under this kind of pressure, mentally or physically, aparently it isn't good for someone who has Luekemia, but there's the thing I'm in total remission, most of the time I feel fine and then after a weekend like this I am sharply reminded that my body doesn't want to cope with this kind of thing any more. ( And that's not even going near the fact that at 55 your body can't react like when you were 20!)
Anyway just need to sit in the sun I guess, drink water and hope this horible feeling passes.....real soon. I keep wanting to finish my nieces birthday card and I just don't have the mental or physical energy damn it.
Ah well where's the coffee?

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