Sunday, 23 September 2007

New Header

So thrilled, have sat here following the tut on Everyday Digital Scrapbboking.
On how to make a Blog Header, doing it in PSE was easy but finding how to make it upload was a bit of a mission, I gave up, turned the blog off came back and tried again and it was simple as !!! Go figure. Anyway haven't eaten yet but I had it on my mind that i wanted to make a header and you know what it's like when I make up my mind about something! You don't? Well stick around folks.. I don't like things to get the better of me, get me down or in any way spoil my fun tee hee!
Anyway the elements I used came from a digi scrap kit I downloaded called Fresh Flowers but I'll have to do some research to find out where I got it from, I usually record all that but for some reason I didn't that time.
Another big night at work last night had a 70th Birthday Party and that was pretty amazing. Hope I'm that cool when I'm 70 the lady was pretty inspiring.
However now better go and eat something but more importantly Gus is home and he's in need of foooood! So better go.

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