Monday, 8 October 2007

Monday Monday!

Well and what a Monday it is, spring is definitely here, gorgeous day. But not for those who believed, with good reason, that the All Blacks, our national rugby team, was going to bring home the World Cup. Now I'm not going to pretend to understand our national game of Rugby, but I've had quite an insight to the intensity that surrounds the game and it's players, due to working for some years in a hotel where they always stayed, and indeed the effect a win or loss has on the players and followers of this game. Suffice to say there are some pretty gutted people around today.
On a brighter note yesterday was Scrap Sunday, and myself and five other keen scrappers got together to spend the day scrappin', and chatting, having a laugh and generally sharing ideas and whats hot and whats not. Love these days, always come home fired up with inspiration and cool ideas. Thanks for having me girls, I really appreciate it.
Well I'm getting that "IT's time for my tea" face, so better go and feed my boy.

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