Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Sense of Smell

Well it's a very cold, wet, windy generally horrible morning here in my little corner of the world, so a little bit of scrap research was in order really. Went to the Scrap-a-latte gallery to see what was new and I found this Blog Challenge about the sense of smell. Straight away I was back in my childhood, and I was in the kitchen on a Sunday and my Dad was cooking Sunday lunch, yes my Dad. Even though it was late fifties My Dad was very much ahead of his time. Although he worked long hours in a factory all week, including Saturday morning, he believed that Sunday should be Mum's day off. He took care of everything, breakfast lunch and tea, and if there was any housework to be done he took care of that too. And all with a smile!
Anyway back to the smell connection, we always had a roast lunch on Sundays and in the summer, when the potatoes were new , they were always boiled with fresh mint which Dad grew in the garden along with the potatoes.I truly loved the smell of the mint, it always made me happy. Well with working in a restaurant I'm treated to many wonderful smells and tastes, but when I get a whiff of fresh mint, I'm right back there in that 1950's kitchen, complete with the green Formica table and chairs covered to match, the linoleum covered floor and the smell of mint in new potatoes. In fact a couple of times I've had to hold back a tear since that memory has become even more precious since my Dad died at the age of 86 last year.
It really is amazing how smell can transport us to another time and another place. I have many "smell memories" but this one indeed is the strongest.


Carla said...

What an awesome memory and great store, I enjoyed reading it!

AliciaSharp said...

I so know how you feel! That is a great memory to have and you need to hold it close to your heart! I really enjoyed reading your blog! You really have a gift for writing!