Saturday, 27 October 2007

A Smaller Place

One of the cool things I've discovered about writing a blog is that it makes the world such a small place. I love when I get comments, I love to see where the writer comes from, and I get a kick out of checking the stats and seeing all the countries that people visit the blog from. I used to think that "blogging" was a teenage thing but I realise that so many people with all kinds of interests can get together and share ideas, encouragement and share whats effecting their world. I especially love the fact that in the craft world people are so willing to share and encourage, and when you spend quite a lot of time crafting on your own it's great to get the feedback.
So that's my opinion for a cold miserable October morning, it's supposed to be spring here by the way.
However I'll not complain, my thoughts are with the people in California near those fires, so being a bit cold is nothing at all.
I'm going to spend the weekend clearing my scrap corner out of the living room and into the spare room so hopefully I don't chicken out faced with the chaos LOL, cos I'd really like to create order out of that chaos.

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