Sunday, 28 October 2007

Finally the Sun....

Finally the sun is shining. Wahooo! It's been so cold here the last few days, it's felt like winter.
been feeling really sick the last couple of days so there hasn't been any crafting happening at all. Had to come home early from work last night, was so dizzy I felt I needed to get home while I was ok to drive. I'm sure it's just a bug that's going around cos I'm really cold and achy, but will check with my doc just to make sure all is ok. Have my check up with the Oncologist in a couple of weeks so want everything to come out super-fine then.
Anyway, the good news is I'm still getting my Cricut Expression, hopefully by the end of November. I'm really pleased cos by then we'll have the craft room organised, the living room back to normal and I'll have time to play. Hopefully I'll still have time to make all those Christmas cards I have planned using the Cricut. So back to being excited...mmm.
One of the ladies in our Scrap group who has the Expression rang me yesterday, and she's such a sweetie, she's going to let me have a play with hers, just to keep me going. So cool.
I had made plans in my mind to make the little bags on the Plantin Cartridge, and fill them with chocolates, Christmas treats etc, for little gifts. I'd make these "production style" and thought by now I'd be storing up a supply tee hee, but never mind I can see me having a very busy November/December. But then what's new? LOL.
Anyway going to take photos of my chaos that is called a Scrappin' Space for a layout competition and also so I'll have "before and after photos".

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