Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Huge Find

Well I'm totally gob-smacked this morning! Been trying to sort the spare lounge into a scrap-room and yesterday went through a bin that I'd been into for years, and I found this packet of photos....old photos...very old photos. I can't believe what I've found, photos of my great-grandmother, grand-mother, my Mum and auntie.Some as children for heaven's sake, and there is also photos of Dad's family and a very young Dad.
I'm totoally blown away, I must have brought these photos home when we cleaned out Dad's house before he went into the rest-home. At the time I've put them away and forgotten all about them.
All the times I've longed for some photos of my parents growing up, my grandparents etc etc. All the wonderful heritage layouts I've admired wistfully, and wished I had some photos of my heritage, of the people I have long said good-bye to, and so many times wish so much that they were still here. Somehow I feel I have been given a treasure, I can get these photos into albums and record my memories of them and in some cases the stories I've been told about them. This is so exciting, I can't wait to get started. With the power of Photoshop I can go along way to restore these photos, and I've been aware how just looking at these photos has made me feel. THIS IS WHAT SCRAPPING IS ABOUT! You can tell I'm excited yeah?
Had another fun Scrap Sunday with the girls on Sunday. Didn't get much done cos since thigs have been packed up it's been hard to find my MOJO, not sure what box it's in. (mind you finding these photos has got me fired up).
Got this stupid cold again, really over it. I'm getting nagged to go and get a checkup 'cos I seem to be getting sick quite a bit lately and that ain't good. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of confidence in my GP and it's about a month till I see my Haematology-Oncologist, still better to check I guess.
Anyway got it on my mind to go and do something. It's Faye's birthday tomorrow so I want to make a card while she's at work, but those photos are nagging me too. Oh well sitting here won't do either.

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