Sunday, 14 October 2007

Wet, Cold Sunday Morning

It's freezing here, raining, sleeting blowing a gale....just the kind of morning that screams " a cuppa and some scrap time", and I think I'm about to answer the call. It's supposed to be spring but somehow it ain't workin'!
I have been tidying my scrap area in the living room to get ready to move into the spare room while we organise the big lounge which we are going to turn into a hobbies room and make the spare room into a nice cosy sitting....phew room! Sounds confusing ? Well it is really., this is all a hangover from when basically the whole house was a buzzing little factory and Faye and I were flat out with our Folk Art business. Faye did all the cutting and we both sanded,painted, assembled packed and sold dozens of wooden animals, whimsical children, painted houses etc etc. Ah those were fun if not crazy crazy times. We miss it sometimes but don't miss living in a factory LOL.
However I think it's time for that cuppa and nice cosy corner of the living room ....tee hee!

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