Thursday, 15 November 2007

Sorting the Chaos

Well it's been a very busy week, and the above chaos no longer exists...thank heavens. My scrap space in the living room had gotten totally out of control and I'd way out grown it and so chaos had become the norm, but we couldn't stand it any longer. So the front lounge has became "Craft HQ" and the living room is back to being tidy, organised and ready for that new couch we have our little girlie hearts set on....mmm! But enough dreaming for now, now the unpacking, reorganising and setting up of the craft room reigns supreme. Very happy with it all so far. heaps of room, storage and plenty of room to spread out. Wahoo! Now I just want to play but still a bit to do first.
Have been really keen to make cards cos I have found some stamps I'd forgotten about and of course those old family photos are just screaming at me to start my heritage album, but I want to be sorted maybe one more day.
Have ordered some very cool new stamps from America so when they come there will be no stopping me I'm afraid it will be all on.
And of course in the next couple of weeks our Cricut should arrive so......I'l be ready!Lol.
Anyway enough rambling must go and make a start.


Naomi said...

Looks great Liddy... and the new photo of the tidy space is coming? Or are you just tricking us - and it looks messy already? lol. A messy desk is a sign of a busy worker. Have a great day. Naomi

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Hi! thanks for mentioning the EDS Blog! I think I might borrow the beauty tips of Audrey Hepburn. :)