Tuesday, 18 December 2007

It's Back!

Ah yeah I feel better today, had fun yesterday my Mojo came back. Made a prototype "roster holder" ( a purse size book for the girls to keep their roster in), now just need to make another four. Faye and I had an awesome time last night making three cards for her sister's best friends children, now that was fun. Should have been sleeping but that damn earthquake would have woken me anyway LOL. Hate earthquakes but have had a few in the last few months and I've amazed myself how calm I've been. I think I definitely swore last night though, felt like a truck had hit the wall behind me wowee. Am definitely realising how cool the Cricut is now that the initial madness is subsiding and I'm looking at it calmly. I can see it's going to be a long and happy friendship.
Anyway back to the cards.... The first one "Santa's Car" is not original I saw something similar on Cricut.com the other day and I knew straight away I had to do one, the Santa dragging the tree is for a 9yr.oldboy and I think he'll see the humour in it. Going to have to do more of these they were fun. Thanks so much Carol for the lend of the carts etc. it's been cool fun.
Anyway the sun's out better get the washing out before it changes it's mind and rains for another two days.

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