Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Baby Book

Wow the last couple of days have been fun. Been making a little 4x4 book for new baby and I've been having a ball. Used Prima Hybrid papers from the Cowboy Baby range ( love these papers). Printed them out and used traditionally, until the cover and then I did part of it digital, printed and added dimensional bits. Can see this is going to be a continuing story with me cos I'm hooked.
Had to laugh when I was doing the cover, I was inking, distressing, embossing like mad and I suddenly thought "This is like watching a Tim Holtz vid". Not that I rate myself anything like this genius guy but I sure had fun.
Anyway Gus has just sat on the keyboard so it must be his lunch time...LTR.


Naomi Carvell said...

Crack me up. Liddy - the up and coming Tim Holtz 'wanna be'. I can see it now. still giggling. You do come out with some hilarious things some times Liddy. Have a great day!

Lynn said...

Great...another digital junkie! LOL! I get to buy a new digital software program next week and can't wait to play! This is fabulous!