Thursday, 27 March 2008

Found a New Blog

Just found a new blog called I Think the World is Perfect, it's very cool. Beautiful photos and yes just day to day stuff but the day to day stuff is special. I think sometimes we forget that in the day to day and it's very important to be reminded now and again.
As a scrap-booker (love calling myself that) I think it's important to preserve the ordinary, the day to day stuff, because lets face it that's what makes us "US". So note to myself "Don't just think about it do it!".
The movie that's on at the moment "The Bucket List", I haven't seen it but it's been inspiring me to do a "Bucket List" mini-album, might do that at our scrap day on Sunday. I must admit a few years ago on a very dark, long night, I lay in bed and composed My Bucket List, didn't call it that but essentially that's what it was. Thankfully things turned out wonderfully but it still makes you think.
Anyway might just move over to that table and have a play.

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