Thursday, 3 April 2008

3 Days to Go

I can't believe I have three days left at my job, and even more I can't believe how I feel. I thought by this point I'd be feeling a bit of regret but I'm not. I'm sad to be leaving the people I work with, the restaurant crew are extremely cool and I love them to bits, but I know we'll keep in touch, but in terms of the actual job ....nah nuttin'. Very excited about my new job and looking forward to the break in between but at the moment every night I just feel glad about my decision. This is a blessing I know, because I know what it's like to feel you've made a mistake but know you're powerless to fix it.
On the scrapping front, I'm making a wee book for one of the girls who's going to Melbourne for the first time, started it our Scrap Sunday but this week I haven't had much time at my table sadly. Have to get it done by the weekend though. We bought a wire cube system yesterday which we are going to "customise" to make some cool storage for all our crafty goodies. At the moment we still don't seem to be organised enough to keep tabs on "the good stuff". Looking forward to getting some book rings to add some shelves to these cubes to be able to store more stuff, think it'll work.
Anyway must go iron my shirt and run out the door.

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