Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Who says..........

Well Gus is so happy, he had his new scratch post delivered this morning. Who says cats are dumb??? I unwrapped the parcel and went to stash the bubble paper for later use and I came back to find him laying on the floor with his paws around the frame and a wee look on his face that just screamed..."This is mine I know it"! Wow he looked so cute.
Such good service had to order this particular scratch post from Christchurch and after a couple of emails on Friday it arrived today, from Hec's Traditions, will definitely keep them in mind for the future.
Anyway must go check June's verandah she thinks my birthday pressie may have arrived..... LTR.

PS Sorry the photo's not great, the sun was shining directly on him and he does seem to lose that little black face in photos.

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Axel said...

What a gorgeous puddy cat, he's just spoiled like mine lol, she thinks she's a human im sure.