Sunday, 2 March 2008

It must be Autumn...

Brrr!. It started raining here last night and it hasn't stopped, it's miserable. I know we needed rain but enough already. :) Well last night was probably worse than Friday so today I'm totally stuffed, can't even drag myself to my scrap table. Have sat on the couch and watched "So You Think you Can Dance" all afternoon and eaten way too much junk, sigh! I guess I have to face the fact that this job is getting way too hard for me to cope with, the pressures are getting greater and the support is getting less and less. The younger and more inexperienced the staff become the more I have to pick up the pieces and although that's my job, everyone needs a bit of support, so I've made up my mind to start looking around for alternatives. When I made remission in 2003 I promised myself I would make the most of every day and enjoy life, well it's hard to do that when (a.) You are too exhausted to do anything, and (b) you can never get time off to go do anything, see anything etc. Which all makes it very hard so I'm going back to the drawing board and making good the promise I made to myself. Life is for enjoying.
Anyway enough moaning, feel better now might just have to go play with those new Butterfly stamps.

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Naomi Carvell said...

Chin up Liddy. Something will turn up. Hope your week gets better. :-) Naomi