Saturday, 26 April 2008

Been Scrappin'

I have been making the most of my last few days before I start my new job on Monday, and having been scrapping, quite easily I might add, no "scrappers block" just going for it.
Been back into that suitcase of old family photos and when I first found them I felt kinda strange about scrapping them but now I have started to feel really excited about them, they are bringing back lots of memories of stories I heard as a child and I get the "warm fuzzies" when I start working with them......ah yes that does mean that Gus sits on my table, but the mushy kind of warm fuzzies as well.

The first one is for my 8x8 album I started with photos "from the suitcase" ( actually I should call it that eh?", anyway back in 1954 when this photo was taken it was usual for photographers to be on the main street and take photos, which people could buy if they wished. Of course this was back when you had to wait a week or so for them to be developed, so they would give you a card and if you wished you would go along to their premises and order the ones you wanted.
It seems my family were quite into this cos this is where a lot of these photos seemed to have come from.
I love the little basket I'm carrying, Mum had one the same and this was the "kiddie " version.
I know it was 1954 and the photo was taken in the centre of Dunedin, known then and now as the Octagon.

The paper is IOD for Prima, flowers Prima, stamps, Autumn Leaves Flourishes, and the letters, brackets etc Cricut.

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