Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Felt Flowers

Phew this not going to work takes a toll on a body, I feel exhausted tonight, although I think that may have something to do with getting that flue shot yesterday. Quite over all the medical stuff at the moment, they decided my cholesterol levels are too high and so is my blood pressure, they want to give me medication but no-one seems to sure how that's going to react with the Gleevac, and my specialist is away for two weeks, so I'm really nervous to start anything new until I'm sure of how it's going to work. I guess it's quite good I'm on holiday cos I can relax when I want etc etc.
Anyway to the fun stuff, we went to Scrapbook Paradise today and Elena had some "sticky back" felt, I bought some and this afternoon cut some flowers with it on the Cuttlebug, really cool result. Super happy with that, some people suggest cutting felt on the Cricut but I'm a bit too scared to try so I'm content with my Cuttlebug flowers, but now I'm going to want some more colours this is going to take wings I think.
She also had some very cool clear stamps by Inkadinkado, gorgeous scrolls, and bugs and butterflies, which I think just might be my favourite, I have a card in mind I want to try using these ones. Must make some more cards while I'm on holiday and try them again on "Trade Me".
Anyway off to play with felt.

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