Saturday, 19 April 2008

Winter is Here

Well winter hit with a blast yesterday and now has definitely settled in, it's incredibly cold out there today. It turned into a pretty bleak week altogether here in the last couple of days. One of New Zealand's largest manufactures, and one of our biggest employers locally, announced on Thursday they are closing up and moving to Mexico because of cheaper labour etc etc, this on the the end of a year when they made $60million profit.... oh well they have to keep their shareholders happy but to me this is so wrong. They have been here for over 30 years and they have built a huge international reputation for not only their products but also for the philosophy on worker/management relations. Unfortunately with the floating of the company on the the share-market a few years ago this all changed and they became focused on the making more and more profit. I feel very sorry for the people working their because it seems that it is no time since they were being held up as an example of a wonderful "production team" where workers and management worked together to achieve excellence, won many awards and the name was proudly touted around the world.
I know with this global economy these things are happening every day but it still makes me very sad and angry when it happens on our doorstep.

Ok soapbox back under the table, I experimented with cutting some sticky-back felt on the Cuttlebug the other day and it works beautifully, so now I can't wait until the new Cuttlebug cutting dyes are released, especially the borders one, they are going to be totally gorgeous cut in felt. MMMM!
Have another Scrap Sunday tomorrow and I'm going to make up a little "Kaiser Wooden Book". I've done the ground work and I just need to print off some photos, I'm going to make it for my brother featuring pics of us as kids. Looking forward to it, so must go work on those photos.

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