Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New Job

Well I'm no longer on holiday, I started my new job yesterday, and it was weird cos I never felt nervous or "out of place". It reminds me so much of when I worked at the last hotel I was at, that I felt right at home. The staff are all really friendly and welcoming, so yep I think I'm going to be very happy there. The only downer is that I really miss the staff at the restaurant, but we keep in touch, (thanks heavens for texting and email lol)
I just have to get used to starting at 2.45 instead of 5.30, it put my time clock way out. Anyway I work tonight and then I've got tomorrow off, another thing I'm going to enjoy is the fact that it changes up so you don't feel like it's same same every day.
They are predicting heavy snow to low levels here for the end of the week, I'm on early shift (6.30am) both Sat and Sun so I may end up having to stay there, which would be really funny cos that's where we stayed last winter when we couldn't get home.
Just had a thought I should pack myself a mini scrapping kit and keep it in the car for such situations, then if I do have to stay over at least I'll have something to do. That is other than worry about Gus missing out on his dinner!
Well better go get organised, might get to play tomorrow.
The pic this morning is Mr G reclining on the couch, he so loves having the couch near the window, every time I go near it he jumps up on to it and starts purring like mad so that I'll sit beside him and pat him. Talk about a couple of "couch potatoes"...ah yes this from someone who's supposed to be exercising more LOL.

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