Sunday, 22 June 2008

New Gus Pic

I took this photo of Gus the other day and I just love it, there are a couple of others that are fab too but this is my favourite, going to get my housework done, and dinner in the crock pot then I think I'll have to scrap this one, I just love it.
Well here we are the shortest day has passed and so far (touch wood) the winter has not been too bad..... so far. But they are predicting snow for this week, at least if I can't get home from work I'll have a nice warm room to sleep in LOL, another cool thing about working in a hotel.
Yah for the All Blacks another win, just a shame about the injuries, that's the thing about rugby they are at such risk, I remember when I worked in the hotel where they stayed and it was like watching the wounded coming back from war after the game, really nasty to see.
Anyway vacuum cleaner calling.

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