Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Bragging Rights

This entry is for all the local people who might like to try the new menu at Palm's Restaurant, had coffee with Logan (the Head Chef) and his wife Suzie, yesterday and they were telling me about the new menu he has created since going there, I had to check it out on the website this morning and it looks amazing, and believe me knowing how good a chef Logan is it will be good. The lunch menu is priced around the same as any of the cafe's around town, but the menu is definitely a step up from them and then you add the surroundings, the place is gorgeous. The last time I was there the service was stunning and the location is great, and of course the view was pretty gorgeous ( Hugh Jackman was lunching there that day.) there is a car-park right next door, and in Dunedin that's a big deal, especially when you're on a time limit at lunch time. The dinner menu a bit more pricey but looks and sounds amazing, can't wait to try it in person. So just a wee plug for something that could just brighten a cold winter's day like today, boy it is cold. The pond in the park still has ice in it, at nearly mid-day, but at least that snow didn't come to anything yesterday, I had visions of spending the night at work the way it was snowing around 4p.m.
Been sitting watching everything I taped on telly last night so now I must go and do all the things I should have done by now.

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