Thursday, 3 July 2008

So many ideas....

So many ideas so little time it seems. Have found heaps of new inspiring blogs lately and keep seeing so many things I want to try, unfortunately same old story so busy looking, there's no time to do LOL. Might just make myself start something tonight though, should make the most of the extra time I've got (working mornings at the moment).
I have been taking my scrap book to work and it's surprising how interested a couple of the young ones are, they are very keen to try, so always one to spread the fun I took some printed instructions for Exploding albums with me this morning so I'm keen to see what they come up with.
Been trying to come up with ideas for wedding invites for a young friend of mine and all the ideas I have would be quite time consuming and since there would be about 45 to make I have to think ( minimal) which is, I must admit, hard for me.. :)
Had this mad idea to cut heaps of flowers in black and whit on the Cricut and put them in a black vase on the reception desk at work next week, cos of course we are inundated with All Black supporters, I saw the idea in the Cricut newsletter but kinda feel it could be one of those things that you start and then wish you hadn't., ya know what I mean?
Just heard them forecast snow to sea level for the weekend...yah not!
Anyway must go and get that little Gus boy inside and close the door it's getting decidedly cold.

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