Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Very very excited, had my 3mthly check-up with my specialist yesterday and my last molecular blood test results were in and (Drum roll please), the number of cells affected by Leukemia are .7. This is huge news because the last three tests I've had they have been around 1.4 but the optimum is under 1 and now I'm way under 1, so I'm very very happy.
This has been a long journey but I'm definitely on the winning end now.
So a quick post but a happy one.
Thanks for the fab comment on my "Playboy" Layout, this is definitely my week, and no Dallas I don't even want to think what would happen if it snowed. OMG the chaos would not bear thinking about LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Liddy,
I am so pleased for you.
See you on the 20th

Mandyb said...

great news - yah
enjoy living on this for a few days...