Thursday, 31 July 2008

Another Soggy Day

It's been raining here for days and it's horrible. But then it's not as bad as the rest of the country, ferocious winds and huge rain has done awful damage further up the country, so I guess it's not so bad here. The park behind me is flooded and our back garden is flooding which the ducks think is awesome cos now they can swim in "their own back yard". LOL.
Not showing any sign of letting up, they are talking at least another day or so... it must be coming close to spring... isn't it???
I hope everyone is safe and not suffered any damage at the hands of this very unusual storm, very scary.
I guess the good thing is it's a good excuse to sit by the heater and scrap which I think is what I'll do this afternoon, only had to work this morning so the rest of the day is mine.....oh well might as well play. :)

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Mandyb said...

Just catching up on my blogs... well done on the 200th post.... I am WAY off that!!!! and really love the layout of your niece... as for the RAIN I am sick of it too - we have Spring flowers out at kgtn amongst the rain and cold - so so crazy... hope you had a good day inside