Saturday, 2 August 2008

Shining Saturday

Well it's definitely stopped raining here and the sun is shining in my world, I just got an email from Scrapboxnz and I won the August Layout challenge. I am totally blown away, it's the first time I've ever won any Scrapping competition and I feel like I've "come of age" LOL.
The amazing thing is that it's the layout I've most enjoyed doing for ages and the fact that it's about my niece Sam makes it even more special. So it's been a "Sammie" week, I talked to her and my sister on the phone for ages on Thursday night and that was soo special. I've been so worried about them cos they live in a part of the country that was badly effected by this weeks dreadful storm, but they were absolutely fine which was a blessing.
Right off to the supermarket and then work, I wish I wasn't going to work today cos now I'm really keen to scrap!!!!

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