Monday, 14 July 2008

Feeling Shattered!

Well it's Monday, the city has returned to normal, the game was played (the All Blacks lost), the city proved once again that it may not be the largest in New Zealand but it sure knows how to party and pack people in. The Octagon was apparently so packed on Saturday night after the game that it was not possible to move, can't imagine what it would have been like working in one of the bars there.
We were busy in the bar at the hotel before the game, with some of the corporate groups staying having pre game drinks, but then it was all over, I was home in time to watch the game on "poor man's" TV at 8.30.
Sunday was fun, we had a Chocolate Brunch at the hotel to celebrate the start of Cadbury Chocolate week. It was quite busy and a lot of fun, Pippitty Poppet was there to make amazing creations with balloons, the food was great and Cadbury's provided a couple of their of their costumes for staff to dress up in. I got some photos but they are very blurry sadly, I'll have to have a look at the settings on the camera. Anyway by last night I was shattered, have been working heaps so really looking forward to Thursday, my day off. But right now the vacuum is calling me. :)

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Mandyb said...

is the same week where they roll jaffas down baldwin st???? the steepest hill??? glad you are getting day off soon.....