Tuesday, 15 July 2008

New Maya Road Stuff

Just followed the thread from Scrapboxnz to the Maya Road site .
They have some sneak peeks at their Cha releases and believe me they are stunning, well of course I am a Maya Road junkie, but what they have is awesome. And it's worth checking out their site for ideas, I just love what they do ( wish I could be half as clever :( however). Definitely worth checking out. Can't wait till Thursday I've got the whole day off and plan to play, want to get some things sorted for our scrapday on Sunday, right now I'm surrounded by a million half finished projects, ( well it feels like that).

Anyway off to do exciting things like super-marketing so Ciao for now.

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Mandyb said...

haha i used to be the same.... surrounded by half finished projects.... then i came across something that said you should try to scrap as much current stuff as possible... so now I do this.... scrap 2 current things/projects/pages then do 1 thing (or spend some time) on a needing finish project.... working for me... i am loving finishing things... and also enjoying during pages while I actually remember what it was ALL about... goooooooood luck with your scrap day.