Thursday, 28 August 2008

Spring YA!!!!

Well it felt like spring here today, not only the weather, but I had this urge to clean, tidy, re-organise...that makes it spring doesn't it?
I think it also comes from the fact that we had to buy a new washing machine, and big kid that I am just wanted to wash everything today, and believe it or not everything is in-side dry and folded, I even went nuts and tidied the linen cupboard...oh yeah I was on fire.LOL.
Also I'm celebrating feeling human again, I have been off work since Monday week ago with this horrible cold/fluey thing. Yesterday was the first day I felt well enough to go to work, well I didn't want to share it around either.
Ah yes (kid with new toy comes to mind). Love new appliances and this washing machine is very cool, hope it lasts as long as the last one, 17yrs.
Well signed up for the card challenge on Scrapboxnz, today so better go get making, and I have to make a very special birthday card, my niece will be 13 on Monday, I can't believe it, 13 yrs! I can still remember the first time I saw her like it was yesterday, wow, so much has happened in that 13 yrs that's for sure.
Better go get making.

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