Saturday, 30 August 2008

New Look

Felt like a change and since it's starting to feel like spring, I decided to spring clean my blog. The header features a pic from Akaroa, where my friends and I have decided to go for a few days at the beginning of November, it'll be kinda like a spring break for us before the busy time leading up to Christmas. Not sure that I'm happy with the header, it's not as bright and fresh as I wanted but I'm running out of time so it'll have to do just now.
Very excited about Akaroa though, been checking it out and it looks amazing.
It's always cool to have something to look forward to, and I think it will be a photographers dream amongst other things. Love going to places I've never been, I'm like a big kid.
But for now time to go get ready for work.


Mandyb said...

great new looking blog - nothing like a spring clean... enjoy Akaroa - i love it and have visited there many times. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

You will just love Akaroa! I went there a few years ago & the place was just gorgeous!