Sunday, 7 September 2008

I'm over it now....

I can't believe I've been sick for so long. I went back to work last week then Friday this damn cold came back at me and when I woke up yesterday morning I felt worse than I did two weeks ago. Struggling to breathe, coughing like crazy, my chest feels like someone dumped a pile of bricks on it.... enough enough I say, I want to go back to feeling like me. I won't to enjoy the spring, I want to play and create and most of all I won't to be able to get back to work and stay there for longer than a week without crashing again.
On the bright side when I finished work on Friday we went up to Elena's to check out her new stock, (haven't been there for a month), that's some kind of record, anyway I came home with two Kaiser wooden albums. Been drooling over these for weeks, and some Kaiser paper. The boy range is my favourite colours of teal and brown so I'm buzzed, just wish I had the energy to play with them. Sigh!. Anyway enough whining I'm going to sit in the sun.

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