Thursday, 30 October 2008

Christmas card swap cards are done....

Yah! I know I'm running close to the wind but I just don't seem to have time at my table much at all lately, but over the last couple of days I've glued myself there to finish these cards. I must admit it was quite easy once I bought those Penny Black stamps on Sunday, but somehow I still feel very "time-poor at the moment.

These two are quite "country" really, probably influenced by the fact that I was listening Alan Jackson, country singer at the time.
I find that the music I listen to does influence what I do, does any-one else have music that really influences what they do?

Now the last one is really special, cos last night as I was finishing the last two, my wonderful friend, Faye, was sitting over at her table, beavering away and then she passed me this one and said " Will this be ok to be No.5 ? I'm blown away by this card, just love it to bits, so cool to have a friend like that.

I love the way she used the Fiskars Punch on the sides, and what did we use before we had Nestabilities I wonder?
Anyway I'm very happy they are finished, I just have to put centres in them, and bag, wrap and post phew!
Have just put my car in for it's warrant check and "check-up" before we go away on Monday.....yes Monday, can't believe our holiday is almost here. I'm really excited now, can't wait, keep looking at Akoroa on the internet, hope it's as beautiful as those pics.LOL
Anyway I have asked Faye to take photos of me, (I hate photos of me) but when I come back I really want to do my "Book Of Me", so I need pics, and the Clear album hiding somewhere in my stash is for photos of Akoroa.... yeah yeah best laid plans etc etc.

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Lyn S said...

Hi Liddy, thanks for signing up to follow my blog! Your cards are those Penny Black images!