Monday, 27 October 2008

Day off! Yah!

Labour Day Monday and I've got the day off, very cool indeed. Got up early this morning cos today I'm going to make five Christmas cards for the Scrapboxnz October swap,...( no I haven't started yet), had this idea I wanted to use Penny Black Hedgie stamps but when I went Paperworx yesterday all the Hedgehog ones were snowy and well the sun shines here at Christmas..well doesn't it? LOL. Anyway there was this Penny Black clear stamp set and it just had to come home with me, all the old PB favs but clear soooo well anyway I'm using those for my cards, cool.
Been busy at work the last couple of nights, even though house numbers were low, we got a lot of guests from surrounding motels dining, cool fun like a real restaurant. I know that sounds dumb but people don't treat "hotel restaurants" like "real restaurants" for some reason but this one really is.... could be why I love it.
Anyway back to the day off, or more to the point, this time next week we will be on the road to Christchurch..... oh yay that came around fast. I've told the girls I want to be on the road by 7am and in Christchurch by lunch. We will have to stop at Fleur's Place in Moeraki for brekkie of course, that place is awesome, and Fleur is one of my "restaurant heroes". Been to hell and back but still has an amazing attitude and gorgeous restaurant.
Anyway enough about food I'm off to play. It's going to be a Cuttlebug, Nestabilities, Penny Black kinda day, that's my forecast anyway.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Labour Day and finds time to PLAY.

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mandyb said...

oh cool- you do have the day off!!!!! love the sound of your forecast,,,,, mmmmmmmmm