Sunday, 5 October 2008

OMG! October already!

This is totally scary it's already October, where did the year go. Feeling like I'm on a bit of a roller coaster at the moment. I took this new job in the hope of having more time to have a life, but it seems that I have less..... way less. Been doing 5/6 days, sometimes both ends of the day and just having no time to wind down, smell the flowers or anything really. Life just feels like a bit of a roller coaster. What's keeping me going is that on the 1st of November my two best friends and I are heading for Christchurch and Akoroa for a week, I can't wait it'll be so cool to have time to do something other than race around a very busy hotel and look after so much at once, that you don't even have time to have a coffee or anything for hours on end. Anyway I know I still love it, I guess I just get a bit scared that I can't cope with the pace as well as I did, ( now that's an achievement ), been trying to avoid admitting that. Anyway another gorgeous day here, well I only woke up at 11.30 but it's a real spring day. Going to catch up with some friends for dinner tonight so that'll be fun. Must take my camera cos one of them is leaving to live in Australia next week so don't know when we'll catch up again.
On the scrapping front, no action at all. Just can't get to my table, sad cos I have lots of ideas on the go just no time.
Looked after Scrapbook Paradise yesterday, that was fun was pretty busy. Completely forgot the clock is still on "pre Daylight Saving time" so closed an hour late....sigh! But that's ok, well it was funny after I stopped feeling so mad cos I'd wasted an hour. Only had two till I started my real job!!!
Oh well back to catching up with the housework.
Enjoy the sun.


mandyb said...

wow still on pre-daylight saving time- what a shocker.... I felt like that for ages!!!!! as for sun (we have none here) so glad you enjoying it!!!

Twobees said...

Oh, that would of been terrible to realise the clock wasn't changed, but then again, there could of been alot worse places to spend an hour I guess :)
I hope you have a wonderful time in Akaroa early November, beautiful up there :)

lynne1 said...

Lucky you Liddy for "looking after" SP....I finally got my bum to the sat crop (first one ever) and loved it. Not sur if thats coz I couldnt hear the kids or I got to scrap but all good.
Sounds like a fab holiday you and your friends have planned. enjoy