Saturday, 11 October 2008

Some new Photos

Well as you can see it's a lazy night at home tonight, lazy but not quiet. The people over the road are having a party and it's horrendous, some guy is screaming like something possessed at all and sundry who pass by, sounds like he's on something very scary. Anyway as you can tell by the photo it's not bothering Gus, who's watching Gordon Ramsay, I was too but two programmes in a row of listening to him swearing started to make me feel like I was at work listening to the chef, LOL.

This one I took at work the other day, took the camera because the garden at the moment is awesome, it's so beautiful to open the restaurant door and walk out into this beautiful garden, it's such a treat. I've noticed now that it's getting warmer people are sitting outside, having dinner or a glass of wine, it's such an asset to the hotel. We have a wedding there on Saturday so I'm hoping for a gorgeous day so that they can make full use of the garden for photos.


mandyb said...

oh the life of a cat.... mine is sitting beside me now- glad to have me home from Senz... as for the hotel garden shops......mmmm they are stunning.... love this time of year

Twobees said...

The racket across the road sure doesn't seem to be bothering Gus.
I hope the wedding goes well this weekend, the gardens sure look like a picture :)