Monday, 24 November 2008

Last night I found my Mojo!

and I actually scrapped, I think it was cos I'd hung out with the scrapping crew in the afternoon, not done anything but was wishing I'd brought some supplies, so I came home and Whammo! I finished Gus's "He's a Star" book, just a bit of journalling now and it's done. Had fun with Glimmer Mist last night too, I've got a handle on that stuff now and can see why everyone's nuts about it.
Today I got a parcel from the CML Alliance, (yeah I know sounds like something from Star Wars eh?, but no it's the Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Alliance, and in the parcel there was the cutest little clock, (there will be a pic later), the idea is you can set the timer to remind you to take your Gleevac.... how cool is that. Not that I ever have a problem remembering because my live in timer aka "My Best Friend", reminds me every morning, but this wee dude sure is cute. How cool to put a humorous slant on what is for some people a very scary business.
Anyway must run off to work, pics later.

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