Monday, 29 December 2008

Another gorgeous day

in Dunedin, wow last night was hot, so hard when you want to go to bed early cos you're getting up at 5am :(.

Just uploaded all the photos we've taken on the new camera, and there are some fun ones there including the videos I took at work this morning, we were very quiet so the girls were " chair riding" down the ramp and I caught them on camera, it was so funny. I've threatened them with Youtube, but I won't be that mean. There are some fab photos too and it's made me think again about the "photo a day" album that's been mentioned lately and I really do think it would be a great idea. I always try for that "perfect pic" to scrap but hey life ain't always perfect so maybe it would be good to "get real". Yes well I think I might try and do this this year.
I'm off to finish the album I started yesterday for my cousin, she has just become a Grandmother, and I thought if I sent her an album she could just add the photos, never know might get her hooked on Scrappin'... who knows.

Just leave you with another page from the wooden Kaiser album I did... of course it was Gus. :)

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mandyb said...

cute alright!!!!!
good on you for attempting the 365 day project too