Friday, 26 December 2008

Is it over????

I can't believe Christmas has been and gone, it's been such a blur of a week really. What with a wedding at the hotel to take care of, then setting up for Christmas, working Christmas etc etc and oh yeah trying to fit in a bit of Christmas celebration at home in-between.... phew no wonder I'm shattered. I didn't get to send half the people cards I intended to this year, feel really bad but there just wasn't enough hours in the days (or nights). Note to self: Get organised earlier next year. LOL.
Anyway I think it was all a success, I seem to recall lots of happy people. I'm actually feeling more relaxed today than I have for the last couple of weeks, so maybe tomorrow I might get to play at my table. Then the blur will begin again on Monday, I'm actually doing a private wedding on Tuesday.... no pressure, two marquees, 150 people, staff I've never met before..... ah no, no pressure, it'll all be cool.... I have faith! I must remember that in the middle of it all.
Anyway hope everyone is having a lovely time and enjoying whatever they are doing.
Now off to play.

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