Thursday, 18 December 2008

Happy Birthday Keith!!!

Today is Keith Richard's ( of the Rolling Stones), 65th birthday. Wow! That to me is affirmation that you don't need to grow old, you can stay as outrageous as you like for as long as you like... yah!
I have been a Rolling Stone's fan since the 60's and I think it's awesome that they still rock on and make the most awesome music still.. Go Keith and Happy Birthday.
The sun is shining and that's so exciting, it's been so cold and miserable here, so much for summer, anyway the washing machine is going to be busy today.
I'm still making cards, and I have this absolute desire to scrap, and for some reason I want to do Christmassy layouts. Might take the camera out with me when I go later.
Don't know what that's about, when there's heaps I should be doing, my creativity kicks in and I just want to create!
Still this is my only day off this week so I may as well enjoy it.


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Staci Compher said...

I'm like you when I have no time to do it...that's when I want to I have a christmas party tonight..and a million things to do...and I want to just cover the table in scrappy's probably because it distracts from all we have to do...have a merry christmas..