Wednesday, 3 December 2008

OMG! It's December...

Cannot believe that it is already December, where has the year gone.
This past week has been a nightmare, been helping my brother shift and it has been so stressful and exhausting Christmas is the last thing on my mind. At the same time work has been really busy and we have been re-organising out craft room here at home.... don't know if I'm on my head or my heels, but they say what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger, and I know that's true so I'll be fine.
Been checking out some of the gorgeous Christmas work on some of the blogs, would love to play so maybe later this arvo I could sneak some "Me Time". LOL.

We had a huge electrical storm here yesterday afternoon, I was driving across town and it was really scary, could hardly see even with the window wipers on high speed..... wish the summer would just get settled in and it would all be fine.
Well off to hang the last of the washing, so later..... oh before I go I have to share this gorgeous pic I took of Gus the other night. I had just remade my bed and his Lordship decided it was all his, no sharing. I do love this new camera....

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mandyb said...

wowsa that sounded like an amazing storm!!!! as for Gus being on the bed.... mmmm love it... sneaky babies we all have... mine does the same!!!!