Monday, 8 December 2008

Rainy Monday...

Well what a rainy Monday it is, it's rained continually all day... so much for summer. It least it was fine yesterday for the Santa Parade. Didn't go this year but hear it was awesome.
This morning I actually made a Christmas card ho ho ho. I'm really struggling at the moment, I so want to create but just don't seem to have the time, and then when I do manage to sit down, I can't "lose myself" I'm continuously thinking time and rushing what I'm doing, leaving me disappointed and frustrated. When I'm away from my table I have so many ideas but when I get to sit down it just all becomes a muddle.... really must stop stressing and just relax..... easier said than done unfortunately.
Anyway off to get ready for work and on my way I must get my blood test I was supposed to get two weeks ago... see what I mean? There are definitely less hours in the day at the moment. LOL.

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Sonya said...

Hi Liddy
I just found your blog via a comment you left on my circle journal in the Better Scrapbooking gallery. Thank you for that.
I have been having a read through your lovely blog and just wanted to say hello.