Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I am thankful for: My health and my family and friends
I am creating: My 365 Day Album
I am going: Timaru at the end of the month to see my sister and my niece.
I am hoping: To get to my table soon. .)
I am reading: A Creating Keepsakes mag.
Around the house: I have stuff packed ready to take to the recycle shop
One of my favorite things: Going on day-trips with my best friend.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Work most days, scrapping and tidying the kitchen cupboards.
Right Now: Catching up on my favourite blogs.
Out of my window: My front garden, white fence bright pink roses.
I am wearing: Black jeans, black shirt and cardi...... I like black.
I am hearing: Peggy Lee "I'm A Woman", and Gus demanding his dinner.
I am thinking:
That I better go and feed my poor puddy cat.

I found this on Mandy's blog and couldn't resist cos she tagged everyone to give it a go, so I'm tagging everyone to keep it going.

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mandyb said...

cool game ah!!!! well done for taking up the challenge