Sunday, 18 January 2009

Is it morning????

Wow I'm tired today, really busy last night at work and this morning I just can't wake up and the worst thing is I don't get a day off till Wednesday! Will it ever come??? Enough whinging I agreed to do it but boy I'm paying today LOL.
The morning has slipped by quite fast cos I've been just sitting at this computer admiring all the gorgeous work every-one does, catching up on my favourite blogs and ah oh yes, munching on those chocolate sticks I found left over from Christmas..... not good, not good at all.
They have all decided I'm crazy at work, I keep taking random pics of things for my 365 album, but at the same time I've got some of them thinking....mmmm maybe this would be fun. I love when my madness rubs off onto other people, anyway if I run I might get another page done before work.

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