Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday Snoozy Sunday....

Well it feels that way, worked last night (another wedding at work) and then back this morning @ 6am, I'm shattered, and Gus is flat out asleep on the floor, poor fluffems is exhausted.
Anyway just been to Aussie Scrap Source, check out the new Basic Grey...mmmmm, NUTS about the Bling it On range, needs to be seen to be believed.
It has been so hot here the last few days,totally intense. Last night around 8pm it was still 30deg, we had an English tour having dinner in the function room and some of them were on the brink of passing out, it was horrendous. Great night for a wedding though, had all the doors open and the guest spilled out into the garden, it was gorgeous. Only about another 7 to go this season I think, fun fun fun.
Wish I had a microphone, Gus is snoring and it sounds so cute.
Well next week is going to be very exciting.... I get to see my sister and niece, Wahoo! Can't wait. Must get back to the little quote book I'm making Sam to take to school, just a little something to remind her how good life is for those times when she might find boarding school a bit daunting. I really hope she enjoys it and she will be able to come and stay weekends so that will be cool.....there goes my scrap stash LOL!


mandyb said...

isn;t this summer weather crazy... what a good idea to make that book... nice thing to do for sam

dallasnz said...

Bit cooler this week though?? We can't seem to win eh? Love your prima page & what a fabulous album to do!! Look forward to catching up soon!!

Sharon & Nick said...

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