Thursday, 26 February 2009

Decisions Decisions this morning....

been up on and off all night cos Gussie's (my cat) has been sick. He was off his food all day yesterday and just generally a bit "off", and then last night he was very restless and threw up a couple of times. Didn't really want hugs which just isn't like him, however this morning he's been outside for a run, came back all "bright eyed and bushy tailed", happy to be picked up and cuddled, he purred like normal, then he asked for food. I gave him a little bit which he ate with great gusto and nows he's happily dozing on the windowsill. Was already to take him to the vet this morning, but now I'm not sure. He hates the car and I'm wondering if I'm over reacting and should wait and see how he goes today. The thing is the boy has "history", a couple of years ago he just stopped eating, lost condition real fast and was "hospitalised" at the vets for a week because he was so dehydrated. I guess I'm over cautious but I watched Jemmie go from a big strong sprightly tabby to a frail sick wee girl so fast and there was no way back so I guess I"ve got reason to be nervous.

Ok made the decision, booked the vet for 2.30, better to be safe.

Now I think I'll go and do some housework and then maybe get some play-time.

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dallasnz said...

Hope Mr G. is feeling just fine!! Love your prima layout too!! Feels like ages since we caught up - hope you're well!