Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Is it ever going to stop raining????

This weather is madness, it's been raining now since last Thursday and even though it's stopped raining heavy, it's grey and overcast and drizzly..... yuk yuk yuk!
Went to the most gorgeous wedding last Friday, it was one of the girls, I worked with at Bell Pepper Blues' wedding. Her and her new husband are such a gorgeous couple, the wedding was beautiful and overall there was this total feeling of family and love and friendship, a really gorgeous day. Even the rain couldn't spoil it, thank heavens.
And then Saturday another wedding at work and it's just been a busy week right through. Did manage to crib some scrapping time on Sunday though, had fun with some Prima stuff.
Got a couple of days off now and the housework is calling but so is the album I want to make for the couple who got married on Friday.... vacuuming? Scrapping???? Ah no contest really LOL.

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