Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I want to play....

but sadly there isn't going to be time again today. Work has been so full on lately that when I am home I'm doing the stuff that has to be done, not the stuff I want to do. Have the day off tomorrow and I am going to make a wedding card for friday...(yeah I know -no pressure). I seem to have ideas spinning around in my head and I just can't find the time to try them.
Sunday was our get together Scrap Day, but after working from 6am I came home and crashed on the couch till about 6....whoops, think they'd have gone home by then. It's crazy cos I wasn't going to let this job take over my life, but circumstances have changed that and I find I'm busier than I was before. Never mind, I guess be grateful for the work while it's there, winter might be a different scenario.
Have got a wedding to go to on Friday, very excited. The bride worked at Bell Pepper with me and she is such an awesome person as is her partner. I am sure this is going to be a gorgeous wedding and they will be very very happy.
Well must go the supermarket is calling....

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