Sunday, 22 March 2009

I think winter is here...

it's so cold and miserable, I came home from work and haven't been brave enough to take my scarf off or get change because it's so cold. I want to do my page for the challenge over at Better Scrapbooking but it's too cold to move over to my table LOL.
Gus just came in soaking wet... wet cat yuk! Even if he is totally adorable all that wet fur isn't fun. Anyway went to check out the new mall yesterday and oh dear it was a bit underwhelming really. Only four shops open at the moment, well in the actual mall, the other 4 on the street front have been open for a couple of weeks. It was all a bit of an anti climax hope for the council's sake they've got more tenants coming... it's a gorgeous building but not too exciting at the moment.
Right time to get brave and move away from this heater.

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mandyb said...

oh no dont tell me that... I hate winter... boo hoo summer is truly over... no heater here but still cool... as for wet cats... I hate them too... it's like DONT touch me!!! you are ALL W-E-T!!!!!