Monday, 11 May 2009

Wow! Can't believe it's halfway through May...

Where is this year going? It's nuts it's going so fast.
Just about to go to work but just thought I's upload this CD envelope I made the other night. I wanted to take a copy of my "The Great New Zealand Songbook" cd to one of the girls at work to listen to and I just had to make an envelope, this was heaps of fun I must admit....simple but fun. I seem to have become addicted to inking again, it really does make a difference to the finish.
At the moment I'm into "off the page" projects maybe cos I just want to see things finished LOL.

Work continues to be busy (despite the economic downturn), long may it last, our last wedding till spring this Saturday.
MMMM! Just enjoying one of those new Nescafe "real coffees" this one is Flat White and it's good, and the two pieces of chocolate to go with it are just to keep the cold out right??? Hope my doctor doesn't read this considering our conversation this morning about high cholesterol levels (mine in particular), oh dear I do try, just have to try harder to take those cholesterol reducing pills at night, but when I come home from work they just slip my mind, never forget the Gleevac in the mornings, it's part of my life, but so far those other pills are just casual acquaintances LOL.
Anyway best be moving, on the countdown to work.

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