Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day Off Yah!

I'm excited I have two days off together and the sun is shining. Today I'm thinking about my Mum, it would be her birthday and she would be 93, she died 20yrs ago and for the last few days she has continually been on my mind. I mean I always think about her but right now she's right there. I realised in the middle of the night how much I miss her, so much she hasn't seen, well she probably has but we can't talk about it. So Happy Birthday Rosie, love ya heaps always.

I have been trying hard to catch up on the circle journal pages that I need to get finished, and I've decided that I really do work in the moment and to have to work to pre-determined topics is not me but however I will finish them all.

So going to go over to my table and start.....after I hang out the washing...make a coffee. LOL

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