Friday, 12 June 2009

Dunedin Does it again....

here we are the middle of June and it's a gorgeous day out there, around 12deg. celsius and what's really good about that??? Well tomorrow we have an international rugby game here, France V The All Blacks, and Dunedin looks picture perfect dispelling everyone's ideas that we live in sub-zero temperatures down here...(well ok sometimes we do) but when the world's eyes are on us Dunedin turns it on and it's beautiful. Carisbrook is sold out, there is no accommodation to be had in the city or outer environs and the city looks stunning.
Well it's been a miserable old week for me, I've had a tooth nagging at me for a couple of weeks but last weekend it turned on the full force of it's anger and wow was I in trouble, had to go to an emergency dentist on Sunday to have it removed. Felt a bit miserable Sunday, Monday but Tuesday back at work doing ok then BOOM Wednesday night the most horrible intense pain started, back to the dentist yesterday and yes I have an infection in the gum, so now a cocktail of antibiotics, Nurofen for the pain and oh yeah don't forget my Glivec... wow shake me I rattle LOL. Thank heavens for the Health Line available 24 hrs, last night I had a panic about the compatiilbtlity of Nurofen with the anti-infection medicine and the wonderful nurse on the end of the phone looked it all up and double checked about involving Glivec and put my mind at rest about it all, anyway onwards and upwards.

I've just bought the Big Picture Scrapbooking Workshop, Point of View by Nic Howard. I'm looking forward to this as I am finding it hard sometimes to scrap those everyday pictures that have a story but you don't know what to say. And of course I just love Nic's style, I am definitely a stalker of her blog that's for sure.
I was looking forward to having my two days off this week to get organised for Scrap Sunday and of course do some scrapping, but it's been impossible to concentrate. I've cancelled out of going on Sunday cos I would hate to have to cancel at the last minute, would rather let someone else have the spot than wake up Sunday feeling yuk and not want to go.
A big week at work this coming week, starting today with a full house, busy tomorrow and Sunday with same and then two huge functions next week, I'm working them both so it's going to have to be a pain free, clear head week....ha ha. It will be I'm tough!.....most of the time.

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mandyb said...

we had a warm day here in wellington too... till the rain came.... sorry to hear you not well... hope it passes soon